Should you buy used pedicure chairs or brand new pedicure chairs?

When it comes to remodeling season, salon owners struggle with choosing which type of pedicure chair best suits their budget and the style they seek for. Some people can afford to replace all the chairs in the salon with brand-new ones, but many also go for buying used chairs that are still in pretty good condition. So, this article by Luxspa will help you understand the pros and cons of using brand new pedicure chairs and used pedicure chairs.

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Pros and cons of buying brand new pedicure chairs

The advantages of buying brand-new pedicure chairs

  • Buying brand new chairs actually has a lot of advantages. As follows:
  • You can choose a new chair with a variety of designs and can customize the color you want. The companies that supply pedicure chairs will always have enough items in stock for you, and they are available almost all year round.
  • Usually, you will not have to wait long for the goods to be shipped to you because new spa chairs do not need too much time to prepare. Depending on the distance, you can receive your goods within 7 days to 3 weeks.
  • Brand-new pedicure chairs usually have a long warranty period, so you can use it with peace of mind. Repairing these new chairs is also quite easy, since they were usually released not for so long in the market, there will always be a way to find additional materials for repairing if any malfunctioning issue occurs along the way.

Cons of buying brand new pedicure chairs

Arguably the only inconvenience of buying a new spa chair is the cost. During the remodeling time, salon owners will be pressured by a lot of costs such as construction, and re-furnishing costs, and one of the biggest costs is buying a pedicure chair. So spending a few tens of thousands of dollars on a new set of chairs can be a big consideration for salons these days.

Pros and cons of buying used pedicure chairs

The pros of used pedicure chairs

The biggest advantage of used pedicure chairs is that they are usually cheap.

Used chairs are a very economical solution for salon owners who are on a budget and usually only one-third or half the price of a new spa chair.

Stores that sell used pedicure chairs often offer a certain warranty period, depending on the model or their policy.

The disadvantages of buying used pedicure chairs

  • Used pedicure chairs are usually not available in the quantity or color you like best. Generally, they are resold by their previous owner, so factors such as quantity, as well as design, and color ... of the product, will not always come in a wide range.
  • Since they’re used, there will be inevitably some minor damages here and there. However, those flaws are not usually too visible, but definitely as intact as the brand-new ones.
  • Risk of damage. When buying a used spa chair, you'll need to carefully inspect the inside and out to make sure you're not getting yourself a burden. These details can be mentioned as seat leather, paint, pedicure bowls, seat cushions, massage parts, pumps, water pipes, and jets, ...
  • It usually takes longer to prepare used pedicure chairs than it does for new chairs. Simply because some companies only start to refurbish and work on the used spa chairs when there is an order placed. It usually takes about 3 weeks to 1 month for the chair to be delivered to you.
  • As used pedicure chairs, some of these chairs are typically older models and may no longer be manufactured. Therefore, finding replacement parts for those can be a daunting task.

Should you buy used pedicure chairs or brand-new pedicure chairs?

This completely depends on what your priorities are when buying a pedicure chair, as well as your budget. Not every old chair will have many problems when being used, so it is very important to find a reliable company that sells quality used pedicure chairs.

 In addition, if you are lucky enough, you can still find a place that provides old spa chairs with models, designs, and quantities that are perfect to your liking.

Don't forget to check out Luxspa's new article on what to look out for when buying used pedicure chairs in the Blog section. We hope that salon owners will make the right choices when buying pedicure chairs!

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