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LUX SPA was established with one mission that is set in stone -- to offer salon owners the most elegant, practical and durable pedicure spa chair.  Our founder was a nail salon owner, and like others, he was very often frustrated having to fix pedicure chairs himself.  With a background in engineering and design, he established LUX SPA.  He made a promise that LUX SPA pedicure chairs have to achieve three golden rules - elegant and timeless design to complement all salon styles, superb practicality for customers and technicians, and superior material to optimize its luxury and durability.  

Skip the Basic: Unlike other spa chairs, LUX SPA pedicure chairs come with a premium package.

Premium Package includes:

  • Acetone-resistant premium leather and exterior surfaces
  • LUX SMART magnet jet system
  • One-flow ventilation system
  • Pro-Touch massage system with built-in remote control system at armrest 
  • Matching acetone-resistant technician stool
  • Three year manufacturer warranty  

We are proud to source most of our materials locally and manufacture our products in North Carolina.

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