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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What does 3 year warranty cover and not cover?
    • Our warranty covers massage system, magnet jet system, autofill system (2 years), ventilation system, and remote control.
    • Our warranty does not cover normal wear and tear and accident.  We are not responsible for damages during transportation (via third party freight).
    • Warranty will be voided if any modification is made to its original form and transfer of ownership.
  • What is my deposit amount?
    • 30% deposit is required for LuxSpa to start working on your order, and 70% is collected before shipping.
  • What kind of changes and upgrades do LuxSpa offer to listed chairs?
    • Depending on client's needs, LuxSpa can install LUX autofill system, acetone-resistant leather, different leather color, and spa bowl type.
  • Can I upgrade some options after receiving my order?
    • Depending on location, we could provide parts and labor; but most of the time, we would send you the parts and show you how to install them.  
  • Where are LuxSpa pedicure chairs designed and made?
    • Our spa chairs are designed and assembled in the USA.  Our parts manufactured all over the globes.  
  • Does LuxSpa offer finance program?
    • We don't offer in-house finance at this time; however, we do work with third party banking we could recommend you to use.
  • What are standard spa features of LuxSpa pedicure chairs?
    • All LuxSpa pedicure chairs come with upgrades.  These upgraded features would be costly at another company.  Our standard features include acetone-resistant premium leather, extra thick padded cushion and back, acetone-resistant top coat armrests and spa bowl, pipe-less magnet jet, and ventilation system.  Autofill spa system is an upgraded option ($189).
  • How does LuxSpa charge for delivery?
    • We offer free delivery to business address on order of 5 chairs or greater 
    • Delivery to residential address is cost slightly more
    • Delivery cost is determined by third party freight, and it depends on distance and quantity
  • Does LuxSpa offer installation?
    • LuxSpa chairs will arrived pre-assembled and tested.  All you have to do is plug and play.
    • We do offer installation with a small fee to clients in nearby states, please call us for more details.
  • Does LuxSpa take back old chairs?
    • Yes, LuxSpa offers trade in program to nearby states, please call to see you qualify.
    • We will haul away your old chairs when we deliver our LuxSpa pedicure spa chairs.
  • How does LuxSpa determine my used chairs trade in value?
    • We ask that you send us few images of different angles of your chairs.  We will determine trade in value by brand of spa chairs, age, and condition.
  • I bought LuxSpa chairs from a third party seller, do I have the same warranty?
    • Yes, we stand by our brand warranty and do work closely with our third party sellers.