Drain pump For Pedicure Chair: definition, pros and cons

The Drain pump is used to pump and discharge dirty water from the spa chair through a water pipe located on the ground to the drainage area.

When do you need a Drain pump?

1- Your water system is on the floor or underground

When your drainage system is even slightly above the floor of your salon, you will need a drain pump to push the water out, instead of using a gravity drain.

Without a drain pump, the water will not be able to escape, and soon overflow, causing many difficulties when using the pedicure chair.

If the drainage is above ground, you won't need a drain pump because your water will flow out under gravity.

2- No floor drain

Most salons have a floor drain system, but if you don't have one, you'll need drain pumps so the pedicure chair can push dirty water to the drainage area.

Usually, the floor drain system is located behind the pedicure seats, running along the ground or close to the wall.

Floor drains must be properly installed by a qualified professional plumber before you can put the pedicure chair into use.

Here are the reasons your salon doesn't have floor drains:

- The building rules of the building where you rent to open the salon do not allow

The general design of your building prevents the installation of a floor drain system.

- Floor drain systems can be expensive, so many salon owners decide not to install them during the construction phase of the salon.

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3- Wastewater flows back into the pedicure bowl (due to a water pipe installation error)

Even if you have a floor drain system, many people still have cases where wastewater flows back into the pedicure chair and causes chaos when in use. Imagine all the water rushing back into the pedicure bowl and even all the water overflowing, leaving the entire salon inundated with dirty water. What a disaster!

If this has happened to your salon, buy drain pumps for pedicure chairs at your salon!

Sometimes plumbing is installed carelessly, by an irresponsible plumber. This will not only affect your salon's services but also cause people to have a hard time working at your salon.

4- The amount of wastewater from the pedicure chair is too large

A salon that is always crowded with people will use the pedicure chair frequently, and discharge water that sometimes exceeds the capacity of the installed drainage system.

Because the volume of water discharged is too large, it is very easy for the water to flow back and cause overflow, or even flooding. Once this happens the consequences will be undoubtedly significant, not to mention the customers will be very disappointed and you might never see them again because of that bad experience.

Backflow occurs even more often if the sewer system is poorly constructed.

If you install dran pumps, they will prevent this from happening by forcing water to flow through the drain, no matter what the pipes and how much water.

What should you prepare before installing a drain pump for your pedicure chair?

Understand how the spa chair works by reading the manual and warranty policy:

Before you plan to install a drain pump on your spa chair, you need to know the terms and conditions of your warranty policy. Make sure you don't do anything that makes you lose your chair's warranty.

What you should note in the warranty policy of the pedicure chair:

- Type of drain pump compatible for spa chairs: Some brands of spa chairs can only use that brand's drain pump. If you use a pump other than that specified, you may lose the warranty of your pedicure chair.

- Sometimes you can see how to install a drain pump for that company's chair right in their manual.

Your plumber will need their manual to know how to choose the right pump for your pedicure (if any).

Should you install a drain pump for your pedicure chair yourself?

The answer would be yes, however, I would recommend hiring a licensed plumber to do the installation. This reduces the risk during installation, and you will also be able to save a lot more time.

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