Power Discharge Pump plus Labor for Pedicure Chair

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ONLY available as an ADD-ON when purchase with LUX PEDICURE CHAIRS BEFORE delivery.  

Note: This price is not for after delivery of spa chairs or your existing spa chairs.

Do I need  a discharge/drain pump for my pedicure chair?

    • If the drain pipes under the floor or on contact with the floor, floor drain or gravity drain, then you don't need to install a discharge/drain pump.
    • If the water pipes above and do not contact the floor, floor drain or gravity, then you do need a discharge/drain pump.
    • Discharge drain pumps water from spa tub out to pipe against gravity to existing sink or wall drain.
    • Saves thousands of money compare to floor drain

Skill level: intermediate to professional. ~30minutes to 1 hour.

Compatibility: Fit most pedicure chair


-DRAIN PUMP AC 110V, 5.5A, 

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