LUX SPA ROYAL HB550s Pedicure Massage Chair

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LUX ROYAL HB550s Massage Pedicure Chair

LUX ROYAL HB550s Pedicure Chair offers a luxury look and feel without sacrificing the comfort of a true relaxation experience.  LUX ROYAL is the first in the market to offer the royal physique with a multi-functional Pro-Touch massage system, powered seating, built-in remote control, acetone-resistant leather from top to bottom, heavy-duty steel frame base with a carbon fiber body, hot stone drop-proof resin spa bowl, SMART magnetic jet whirlpool, and a 7 color-adjustable LED lighting system.  LUX ROYAL is truly 'Designed for Luxury, Built to Last'.  

pedicure chair for sale

✔LUX ROYAL HIGH BACK HB550s is our signature pedicure spa chair.  It is designed for luxury, engineered for comfort, and built for extreme durability.  This model has evolved over the years, and the 2020 model is our most improved and upgraded version.  We extended the backrest 12 inches taller than the average pedicure spa chair to give a royal physique.  But do not let the looks deceive you, it is actually super durable -- especially with a granite base top, fiberglass base frame, and stainless steel base foundation.  

✔Overview of Appearance.  

The LUX Royal High Back model is 12 inches taller than the average pedicure spa chair, but it's width is standard -- allowing more chairs per square foot.  Its royal physique will uplift your salon and create a more classy ambiance.    

✔Acetone-resistant premium leather with thick polyfoam cushion detailed with button tufting.  The LUX HB550 is acetone-resistant from top to bottom and we have invested an ample amount of time ensuring our premium leather looks and feels luxurious.  As a result of our hard work, we are confident to say that we have the most comfortable and luxurious spa seating in the market.

✔Pro-Touch Massage System with a Built-in Remote Control at the Armrest.  You will appreciate this built-in remote control as it can avoid crowding in the seating area and prevent damages from accidents.  Our massage system is engineered to align with the contour of the human body to apply pressure accurately and precisely.  It runs extremely smooth and quiet, and delivers a true spa sensation as if it were from a professional.

✔LUX HB550 Spa Base is made from thick premium grade composite fiberglass materials that are used in aircraft and boats, secured with a stainless steel foundation at the bottom and a granite base at the top.  It is scratch and dent resistant and is made to withstand extreme conditions.

✔You could easily remove the side panels to do any quick installation, repair, or maintenance service without having to flip the spa chair over and cause unwanted damages. 

✔Unlike other spa bowls in the market, the LUX HB550 spa bowl is made from hot stone drop-proof resin!  The bowls are made for durability to withstand extreme pressures and temperatures for long lasting wear. 

✔Built-in remote control at the spa base for technicians to easily help customers adjust the seat without having to reach over and bother them. 

✔Strong flat surface footrest created with the most thoughtful design you will ever encounter.  It can withstand over 250 pounds of pressure and with its flat design, you can easily place your LED light curing lamp on it without it sliding away.  As a bonus, we provided a footrest transparent cover piece to prevent wear and tear -- making your spa chair look new over years.

✔FREE Reversible Seat Cover with a choice from our 33 color selection.  These padded covers prevent wear and tear to the spa chair and simply replacing them every 2 years could make the chairs look brand new again.  

✔Are you big on accessories?  Like we mentioned earlier, we have put many thoughts into this pedicure chair design.  For example, we added strong gold-brushed purse hooks on each side.  We also included a USB charging adapter so your customer could charge their devices while they recharge, or you could use it for nail equipment. 

✔Do you want to save 2 minutes per pedicure session while preventing water overflow? 

GOOD NEWS! We can upgrade your LUX HB550 (or any of LUX pedicure spa chairs) with our LUX ONE TOUCH AUTOFILL SYSTEM.  It is by far the most effective autofill system in the market and is user friendly.  Our One Touch Autofill System can fill up the spa bowl with warm water, automatically turn off at the desired water level, then turn on the spa jet all within just one touch.  This saves your technician time to do other activities, such as gathering equipment, cleaning up, serving drinks, finishing up their previous customer, etc.

✔FREE Matching Pedistool.  Yes, they are acetone-resistance as well.  We use polyfoam cushion and design with higher back rest so you could sit more comfortably.  

✔3 Year Warranty!  Let's say we are that confident in our products.


Features & Manual

•12-inches of added height compared to the standard spa chair
•Multi-functional Pro-Touch massage system with built-in remote control
•Acetone-Proof premium leather, maximum comfort with heavy cushion
•Leather colors can be different based on lighting.
•FREE custom colored back and seat with reversible leather cover decor
•PureFlo Pipeless SMART magnet jet whirlpool motor system that is compatible with liner
•Thick Crystal Gel bowl can withstand high pressure over 400 pounds and temperature over 150'C
•Acetone-proof vertical swing armrest with foldable firm manicure/drink trays
•Powered seating for easy adjustment to move back and forth or recline and raise backrest
•Two built-in ventilation system to comply with industry regulation and healthier air
•Heavy-duty base with a stainless steel foundation and a thick fiberglass unibody base frame
•Built-in seat adjustment control at the base for quick seating adjustment
•Durable granite base top that supports heavy pressure and is easy to clean
•Built-in USB charging port for nail equipment or a phone charging station
•Stainless steel single-lever control for hot and cold water
•Stainless steel shower sprayer with dual function (sprayer/spout)
•FREE matching technician stool
•3 years manufacturer’s warranty
•Optional Autofill System (+ $150 per chair)
We do not accept any return on pedicure chair & furniture once order is confirmed and shipped

 Download LUX HB550s Manual
 Download LUX HB550s Catalogue

HB550s Pedicure Chairs


What does 3 year warranty cover and not cover?
-Our warranty covers massage system, magnet jet system, autofill system (2 years), ventilation system, and remote control.
-Our warranty does not cover normal wear and tear and accident. We are not responsible for damages during transportation (via third party freight).
-Warranty will be voided if any modification is made to its original form and transfer of ownership.

What is my deposit amount?
-50% deposit is required for LuxSpa to start working on your order, and 50% is collected before shipping.

What kind of changes and upgrades do LuxSpa offer to listed chairs?
-Depending on client's needs, LuxSpa can install LUX autofill system, acetone-resistant leather, different leather color, and spa bowl type.

Can I upgrade some options after receiving my order?
-Depending on location, we could provide parts and labor; but most of the time, we would send you the parts and show you how to install them.

Where are LuxSpa pedicure chairs designed and made?
-Our spa chairs are designed and assembled in the USA. Our parts manufactured all over the globes.

Does LuxSpa offer finance program?
-We don't offer in-house finance at this time; however, we do work with third party banking we could recommend you to use.

What are standard spa features of LuxSpa pedicure chairs?
-All LuxSpa pedicure chairs come with upgrades. These upgraded features would be costly at another company. Our standard features include acetone-resistant premium leather, extra thick padded cushion and back, acetone-resistant top coat armrests and spa bowl, pipe-less magnet jet, and ventilation system. Autofill spa system is an upgraded option ($189).

How does LuxSpa charge for delivery?
-We offer free delivery to business address on order of 5 chairs or greater
-Delivery to residential address is cost slightly more
-Delivery cost is determined by third party freight, and it depends on distance and quantity

Does LuxSpa offer installation?
-LuxSpa chairs will arrived pre-assembled and tested. All you have to do is plug and play.
-We do offer installation with a small fee to clients in nearby states, please call us for more details.

Does LuxSpa take back old chairs?
-Yes, LuxSpa offers trade in program to nearby states, please call to see you qualify.
-We will haul away your old chairs when we deliver our LuxSpa pedicure spa chairs.

How does LuxSpa determine my used chairs trade in value?
-We ask that you send us few images of different angles of your chairs. We will determine trade in value by brand of spa chairs, age, and condition.

I bought LuxSpa chairs from a third party seller, do I have the same warranty?
-Yes, we stand by our brand warranty and do work closely with our third party sellers.

📸 Please Bear in Mind that Photo May Be Slightly Different From Actual Item in Terms of Colors Due to the Lighting From Photo Shooting.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Drain Rough In

Where do we put the floor drain? We want it to align with the drain coming out of the chair, what drain supplies are provided with the chair? What are the pipe connection sizes?

Huyen Cao
Great chairs

Love the chairs as it looks classy and super nice. The people provided excellent service and fast shipping troubleshooting was easy with their technicians. Very friendly staff

Hello chi, thank you so much for your positive feedback. It's always give our team a boost to hear from customers. We wish you the best.

Sophie Snow
Luxury spa chair I have never have Them. The massage is very good. And all stuffs is high quality

I am proud of lux spa company that make spa chair excellent jobs. I love them


The pedi set is beautiful! Annie was very helpful and very informative 👏, my delivery guy was awsome and I hope they hire him for all deliveries. He was super nice 👍.

Michelle Turner
Pedicure Spa HB550

I am so happy with my HB550 3 rd generation Pedicure Spa. This was purchased to update and replace my current 4 year old HB550 2 nd generation Pedicure Spa from Lux. I have been very pleased with both purchases and the service received after my purchase. The Lux team are awesome to do business with. You can’t beat the price and quality. They put a great eye on every detail. I was over the top with my first spa unit, and now someone else is enjoying it in their Salon. I am absolutely loving my new spa unit! The additional bells and whistles are amazing! I would highly recommend Lux. See Y’all again in 4 years for the next update!

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