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LUX ROYAL HIGH BACK HB550 is our signature pedicure spa chair.  It is designed for luxury, engineered for comfort, and built for extreme durability.  This model has evolved over the years, and the 2020 model is our most improved and upgraded version.  We extended the back rest to 12 inches taller than an average pedicure spa chair to give a royal chair physique.  But let the looks fool you, it is actually super durable -- especially with a granite base top, fiberglass base frame, and stainless steel base foundation.  


Overview of Appearance.  

The LUX Royal High Back model is 12 inches taller than an average pedicure spa chair, but it's width is standard -- allowing more chair per square foot.  Its royal physique will uplift your salon and make it more classy.    



Acetone-resistant premium leather and thick polyfoam cushion detailed with button turfting.  The LUX HB550 is acetone-resistant from top to bottom and we have invested ample amount of time ensuring our premium leather looks and feels luxury.  As a result of hard work, we are confident to say that we have the most comfortable and luxurious spa seat in the market -- could be better than a high-end luxury Mercedes Benz.


Pro-Touch Massage System with Built-in Remote Control at Armrest.  You will appreciate this built-in remote control as it can avoid crowding of the seating area and damages from accidents.  Our massage system is engineered to align with the contour of the human body.  It runs extremely smooth and quiet, and delivers a true spa sensation as if it were from a professional.

LUX HB550 Spa Base is made from thick premium grade composite fiberglass materials that are used in aircraft and boats, secured with stainless steel foundation at the bottom and granite at the top.  It is scratch and dent resistant, so don't worry about banging your feet and stool on them.  

You could easily remove the side panels to do any quick installation, repair, or maintenance service without having to flip the spa chair over and cause unwanted damages. 

Unlike other spa bowls in the market, the LUX HB550 spa bowl is hot stone drop proof!  So you don't have to worry about breaking or replacing spa bowl over the year.  

You could now easily help your customer (without reaching over) to change the seating position with our built-in remote control at the spa base.  

We have the most thoughtful designed and strongly built footrest you will ever encounter.  It can withstand over 250 pounds of pressure and with flat surface footrest you can place your LED light curing lamp on it without it sliding away.  As a bonus, we provided a footrest transparent cover piece to prevent wear and tear -- making your spa chair look new over years.

FREE Reversible Seat Cover.  You can choose from the 33 colors.  These padded covers prevent wear and tear to the spa chair and simply replacing them every 2 years could make the chairs look brand new again.  

Are you big on accessories?  Like we mentioned earlier, we have put many thoughts into this pedicure chair design.  For example, we added a strong gold-brushed purse hooks on each side.  AND a USB charging adapter so your customer could charge their devices while the recharge, or you could use it for your drill. 

Do you want to save 2 minutes per pedicure session AND prevent water overflow?  GOOD NEWS! We can upgrade your LUX HB550 (or any of LUX pedicure spa chair) with our LUX ONE TOUCH AUTOFILL System.  It is by far the most effective autofill system in the market AND it is SUPER user friendly.  One touch can fill up spa bowl with warm water, automatically turn off at desire water level AND turn on spa jet.  So you and your technicians can have more time serve drinks and prepare for the pedicure session.

FREE Matching Pedistool.  Yes, they are acetone-resistance as well.  We use polyfoam cushion and design with higher back rest so you could sit more comfortably.  

3 Year Warranty!  Let's say we are that confident in our products.

 Download Manual here! 

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