Refurbished VS Renewed VS Used Spa Chairs - 10 Minutes could save you days of Headaches


What are the differences among refurbished vs renewed vs used spa chairs?

Used spa chairs are pre-owned and purchased from a second hand, in most cases, from individual owners to another.  Prices of used spa chairs are cheaper than refurbished and renewed spa chairs because individual sellers do not know how or don’t want to fix the chairs most of the time, therefore, you buy them ‘as is’.  So before you buy a used spa chair from, make sure you do these 5 steps (link). 

If you’re a handyman or handywoman, buying used spa chairs could be a bargain — they could be as low as free. You will need to pick them up and replace non working parts from sites like,, or  manufacture websites (see our ‘how to’ replace parts on pedicure spa chairs). You could uplift or renew the spa chairs yourself (link to renew spa chairs yourself) as little as $200. Again, I would only recommend you to buy used spa chairs from a trusted source, and after following our testing guidelines (link). It could be very time consuming and frustrating, so evaluate all obstacles before making an impulse purchase. 

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Refurbished spa chairs are functioning spa chairs usually that have gone through the process of repair and replace all non working parts. They cost more than regular used spa chairs sold by owners because the time and money invested in them.  Another disadvantage of buying refurbished spa chairs is that they may not look appealing due to normal wear and tear on leather, spa base, armrests, and remote control. Finally, these spa chairs could be an older version with older technology. They are usually sold by spa dealers with a limited to no warranty — you could find them online like  Similarly to used spa chairs I would highly recommend only purchase from a trusted source, read all descriptions, policies, and warranty by dealers, and follow our used spa chairs testing guidelines.

Renewed spa chairs are a level up from refurbished spa chairs. Think of it as a renovation whereas refurbished is fixing what’s broken. These renewal processes usually include installation of new leather, pipeless magnet jet and drainage pipes, painting the armrests and spa base, deep cleaning inside and outside, and testing the spa chairs. is the only company I have encountered that provides these extensive renewal processes, and they have a 6 month warranty on all their renewed pedicure spa chairs. They have a large warehouse in North Carolina, where they have professionals to work on spa chairs. They price their spa chairs reasonably, usually under $950, that’s about 40% of an average new spa chair. 



Although buying used spa chairs could save you money, it’s only worth it if you got the right one. You must inspect or test them before buying or buy them from a trusted dealer (I recommend

Used spa chair pros: cheap, big savings if you know how to fix them yourself and have the time, a bargain if you are lucky. 

Used spa chair cons: most of the time they required some kind of repairs, time consuming and labor intensive, old technology, and wear and tear. 

Refurbished spa chair pros: cheaper compare to new and renew spa chair, operate well without the need of repair

Refurbished spa chair cons: old technology, and wear and tear. 

Renewed spa chairs pros: 40% cost of an average spa chairs, look new, feel new, and work as new. 

Renewed spa chair cons: cost more than used spa chairs, not all renewed chairs look new.