Foldable Acrylic Sneeze Guard/Shield with Pass Through for Schools, Restaurant, Grocery Stores, Salons, & Retailers

Size: 16L x 8D x 16H x1/8" inches
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Application: Very useful in settings such as classrooms, offices, reception area, libraries, cubicles, restaurants, cafe, reception area, etc to create a single cubicle seating area where social distancing could not be enforced. It helps prevent the spread of infection via direct aerosol contamination. The transparency of the high quality Plexiglass divider allows for great visibility and face-to-face interaction while maintaining physical separation.

✔Fold-able -- Easy put away, storage, and transport
✔Pass through for quick and easy access
✔Ready to use -- No assembly needed
✔Smooth edges and corners -- Precise cut with latest laser technology
✔Clear and transparent -- easy to engage without distraction
✔Durable and secured -- Anchored with provided L-shape brackets using double-sided tape, Velcro, or screw in.

How to choose dimensions: determine the length (L) of the middle panel, Depth (D) is the length of the side panels, and Height (H) is the overall height of all the panels. For example a barrier with a dimension fo 18"L x 9"D x 18H" will expand a total of 36" (18 plus 18) when fold out 180 degree, and 18" when 2 panels folded in completely.

Shipping: Ship flat 'Knock-Down (KD style)'.

Storage: Quick and easy to fold and store flat.

Product Origin: Proudly Sourced and Made in North Carolina, USA.

Material: Clear transparent acrylic

Thickness: 1/8” or 3/16”

Pass through dimension: 14"W x 8"H

Process: Laser cut for smooth edges and corners

Color & Clarity: Transparent, clear, zero to minimal reflection

Installation: No installation needed. Ready to use.

Don't have the size you need? We can custom make the size you need.  Free consultation at (704) 724-8904 or email us

Custom Size: Please text/call (704) 724-8904 or email:

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Amanda Cunningham
Awesome Product, Excellent Costumer Service

This company was so easy to work with. The quality of the material is great and sturdy. The packing was tight and shipped well. I'm very happy and will definitely purchase from them again. I highly recommend.

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