Dental Barrier - Height Adjustable

Size: Dental Barrier - Adjustable Height
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[how to clean acrylic sneeze shield and FAQs]

Application: Self-standing universal fit super clear sneeze shield for face treatments, such as dental procedure, lashes extensions, facial, permanent make up, microbladding, microneedling, laser treatment, dental procedure, and more.  

What's the difference between this tall facial shield vs regular facial shield?

Overall Comparison with Regular size - This lash & facial shield is 3 inches taller and has no back flap. This is made for providers who required more work space for tools accessibility and arm positioning. 

Product Description:

Self-standing, universal fit, no installation needed (ready to use out of the box), clear sneeze guard for face treatment to prevent direct contamination by aerosol. 

Designed to direct airflow away from provider AND minimize fog.  

Source: Proudly designed, sourced, and manufactured in Gastonia, North Carolina, USA.

Material: Minimal to no reflection clear acrylic.  It is 50 times stronger than glass.  Minimal fog property. 

Direction of Use:

Have client comfortably lay on bed with head resting on pillow.  Slide the base of the facial shield underneath the pillow.  The shield is now stabilized and ready to use.  Move or rotate the shield to desired position. 


Wt: 3 lbs

Overall dimensions: 15"W x 15"H

Arm pass through gap: 11.5" (compare to regular size 8.5")

  • Most Frequently Asked Questions:

    • What is the return policy?
        • We don't accept return or exchange at this time.
    • What to do when an item is broken during shipment?
        • We use durable acrylic, but could be damaged by heavy drop during shipping.  We will ask you to take pictures of the broken products and we will send replacement promptly.
    • How do I clean my sneeze shield?
        • Blow dust using air dust sprayer and use a damped microfiber towel to dab the area.
        • Only use few drops of dishwashing soap in a spray bottle filled with water.
        • Use acrylic cleaning solution to wipe clean.
        • Do not use acetone
        • Do not use alcohol, wipes, acetone, Windex or solutions with amonia 
        • Read more here
    • How can I clean off the polish if it's on the sneeze shield?
        • Use non-acetone polish remover solution to clean. Do not use alcohol or Windex

    [how to clean acrylic sneeze shield and FAQs]


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